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RSEQ Integrity Protection Policy Rule and Procedures

As part of its mission, the Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec (hereinafter RSEQ) has the responsibility to protect its members, providing them with a safe, fair, and trustworthy environment for all stages at all levels, whether local, regional, provincial, national, or international.

The RSEQ will not tolerate any form of abuse, harassment, negligence, or violence, whether physical, psychological, or sexual, in all approved programs and activities.  The RSEQ recognizes the importance of taking reasonable steps to prevent and intervene to stop all forms of abuse, harassment, negligence, or violence when such behaviour is brought to its attention. Within this context, the RSEQ has adopted this Integrity Policy and the Code of Conduct.  This Integrity Policy and the Code of Conduct expressly binds all the members of the RSEQ, its regional bodies and its different sections. The fact that many of its members (e.g., institutions, schools, colleges, universities, athletic directors, coaches, officials, and administrators) are in a position of authority over other members justifies RSEQ’s key role in providing a safe and healthy environment for sports.

This Integrity Protection Policy serves as a governance tool to which all participating individuals are subject, which aims at regulating their behaviour, ensuring that it is aligned with our mission.

This Policy does not replace and/or substitute any law, regulation or other provision that may be applicable. The complaint handling procedure set out in this Policy does not replace and/or substitute the procedures for any legal action before a court of law.

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