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Sportsmanship is a major focus for G.M.A.A.  Each year we honour the top schools, teams and students who conduct themselves with pride as good sports. Schools have been given Plaques stating what the Spirit of Good Sportsmanship is for each group of participants (schools, coaches, students and spectators).  These plaques should be hanging in each school as a reminder to all students what is expected of them.


Four means of recognizing good sportsmanship
Step 1 : Sportsmanship Certificates for any team completing their season without incident. Presented after the completion of each season.
Step 2 : School Sportsmanship Award   presented to all schools who complete the school year in a minimum of 10  sports and/or teams with less than 6 demerit points.   To be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.
Step 3 : The Most Sportsmanlike School banners shall be awarded to the schools who have completed the school year in a minimum of 10 sports or teams with a perfect record of no demerit points. To be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.
Step 4 : The Most Sportsmanlike Athlete in each school as voted on by staff and fellow athletes in the school. To be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.


The Most Sportsmanlike School
is the school in which:
Players: Try their best.
               Maintain a positive attitude.
               Remain level headed even under trying circumstances.
               Are courteous to others.
Coaches: Act in an exemplary fashion.
                 Help players grow and acquire skills in sports, leadership, and citizenship.
Spectators: Welcome visitors.
                       Encourage and applaud effort and good play from both teams.
                     Use polite and respectful language.
Most Sportsmanlike Player: Presented to athletes who have been selected from within their school as the most sportsmanlike athlete representing their school

Most Sportsmanlike Player 2020-2021

Graduating Student-Athlete Recognition Program

School Sportsmanship: Demerit System
The following infractions will cause a school to get demerit points which will count against the awarding of a School  Sportsmanship Award.  Schools with less than SIX demerit points will qualify for a G.M.A.A. School Sportsmanship Award.
Demerit points:
Default : 1 point
Withdrawal : 2 points
Player ejection:  1 point per game suspension
Coach Ejection :   1 point per game suspension
No Staff on Bench:  1 point
Playing an ineligible player:  1 point
Substantiated complaint against: school for behavior  4 points
Other infractions may warrant demerit points and will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors of G.M.A.A.
Points will be calculated from May 1st to May 1st

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