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clash of the Classes!

Looking for something fun to do in your Phys Ed Classes? Look no further!

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The GMAA has developed a new program called the Clash of the Classes.  This program is offered to our member elementary schools free of charge.  It involves elementary aged students completing challenges in different sports.  The students can safely stay within their class bubbles to complete these challenges while competing against other schools. Each school that participates will be put into a draw and will have a chance to win a prize for their school in June.

Register at:

Clash of the Classes Draw Tally

Challenge Release Dates

Once released, challenges can be completed any time throughout the year

Challenges                                                                                           Release Date

Basketball, Volleyball & Futsal                                                                 December 2020

Badminton, Rugby, Flag Football, Track & Field and Ultimate Frisbee   March 2021

Record Completed Challenges at:

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